F&C Investment Trust Prize

Who are F&C Investment Trust and BMO?

F&C Investment Trust is the world’s first collective investment scheme, set up in 1868, designed to allow ordinary people to ‘pool’ their money and access the stock market.  It is managed by BMO Global Asset Management (BMO) on behalf of private investors, intermediaries and institutions.  They are part of one of the world’s largest banks and are a global award winning financial services firm

What is the F&C Investment Trust Prize?

The F&C Investment Trust Prize was devised to inspire young people to think creatively about their financial futures.  It was launched in 2018 in partnership with City of Glasgow College and the first prize saw over 30 entries from a range of faculties.  It's open to all students who attend the college and not just those studying business and finance. 

We’re challenging students to think about what the future holds by answering one of three questions. Enter individually or in a team of up to five people. Your entry should:

  • Be creative – Submit it in any digital form – for example, video, essay, podcast, vlog or infographic.
  • Showcase your innovation – You don’t have to be a finance expert to enter, it’s all about innovative thinking and how well you explain your idea.
  • Take three minutes max to watch/listen/read.


One winner from each University / College category above will win a new laptop worth £1,000 (individual entry) or the equivalent in Amazon vouchers for a group entry (up to five people)

From the winners of each University / College category, an overall winner will be selected and win

  • The F&C Investment Prize 
  • £5,000 cash for their university faculty
  • A day at the BMO office in London or Edinburgh

We’re challenging students to think about what the future holds by answering one of the following three questions:-

1. Investing for the future

How do young people today provide for their future? Having grown up against a backdrop of financial crisis and austerity, the members of Generation Z – born between the mid-1990s and the early noughties – tend to be hardworking, debt-averse and frugal. What are the key financial challenges faced by ‘Gen Zs’, and how do you think they can achieve financial security?

2. Making a difference

How does sustainability and ethical principles affect your choices? We think that good corporate governance and sustainable practices are essential. Because we believe in getting involved, we engage directly with companies on issues from climate change to labour standards. How do ethical issues influence your life and your choices as a consumer … and how do you think this might affect the world of investing in the future?

3. Diversity & Inclusion

How will diversity and inclusion continue to impact society? Studies have shown that companies with a positive proactive approach to diversity and inclusion tend to perform better than their less progressive peers. Do you believe this development is significant for business and society, and how do you think it will continue to evolve?

The deadline for entries is Friday 17th January 2020.

Visit the F&C website for full details on how to enter.